October 18, 2009

Whitney Houston still angry with Wendy Williams over radio fight

Producers are begging the biggest stars in the business to come on the show, but they're getting turned down flat

According to the New York Daily News Whitney Houston won't be sitting down for a chat on the "Wendy Williams Show" anytime soon: A source says she's still steamed about the infamous on-air confrontation she had with Williams back when the host was a radio shock jock.

Houston isn't the only one holding a grudge. In what talent bookers for the talk show are calling the "Wendy BLACK-lash," a slew of A-list African-Americans — including Mariah Carey, Usher, Tyler Perry and Diddy — have all refused to visit the show.

"Wendy isn't that far removed from her days of bashing black Hollywood's who's who on her radio show, and people have long memories," says a source close to the chatfest. "Producers are begging the biggest stars in the business to come on the show, but they're getting turned down flat."

Houston is allegedly still smarting from the 2003 radio exchange she had with Williams, in which the shock jock continually asked questions about her alleged drug problems.
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  1. Well, Wendy should have known that a long time of ago. That's why I'm one of her fans that said she should have kept her radio gig in addition to TV gig.

    I do find it funny how Mariah was just on Wendy's radio show about 2 years ago and cool with her and now she doesn't deal with her at all.

  2. I do not think Diddy, WHitney,Mariah or Usher would go on any TV talk show now unless they can control the interview. They ALL got good drama. So Wendy should not be upset.

  3. And???....

    Joan Rivers booking crew was dissed in the past, Arsenio had problems booking guests when also. Wendy is too new to have the clout to get every celebrity she wants, but her rep from radio does put her at a disadvantage. When you talk about people you can't expect them to kiss your ring just because you have a national tv show.

    I do give Chris Brown credit for going on her show. She actually called me out on her radio show for saying that the Chris/Rihanna beatdown story from February was just hype for their careers [ at the time they were doing some project and I sent her a link to it ]. Of course, I have since been proven wrong about the abuse allegations, but as we all have seen, they both ARE using it to promote their current projects, so I wasn't totally wrong either.


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