November 9, 2009

CBS Radio Simulcast Sports Radio WFAN 660 to Florida

Sounds like a great idea...

During the New York Yankees baseball playoff run CBS Radio decided to place their New York City sports station "The Fan" 660 WFAN on CBS-owned radio stations in Tampa, Orlando and Palm Beach, Florida. Just imagine the delight of the transplanted New Yorkers, especially the retirees.

Now even in a place like Atlanta, a town full of transplants, this may sound like a wonderful idea. As a matter of fact every Friday and Saturday night V-103's live club broadcast is nothing but a live shout out session for Frank Ski, Bubby Love and the crew. Take a listen some time. Imagine the folks from New York, Chicago, Baltimore, Texas, and Los Angeles hearing a little taste of home on the radio.

Now back to Florida...

Can't you just hear the conversation in the bingo room at the retirement community center? "Hey Irving turn on your radio you can hear sports from the old neighborhood!" "Ya moron Bernie... Hey you schlep! You need a HD radio, what the hell is an HD radio?"

Wait a minute, CBS radio wants the old folks in Florida to buy a HD digital radio to hear about the Yankees.

"From its inception, CBS Radio embraced HD Radio and aggressively moved to upgrade our stations with this forward-thinking technology," said VP/Programming Chris Oliviero. "Digital radio has afforded the industry a way to expand its audience and increase brand awareness, while giving listeners unmatched sound quality. We’re thrilled to expose our best in class stations to like-minded audiences in cities across the county."

On second thought... why buy a HD radio, if you can get the CBS Radio on your laptop and a wireless network?

Hey guys put down the bingo chips and listen here...

Another indication that radio executives would rather sink money into a technology that nobody wants than admit they don't know what they're doing. HD radio is simply a bad idea.

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