November 2, 2009

V-103’s Frank Ski Signs Contract Extension

Number 1 in the Morning in Atlanta; Online readers of the AJC Give Strong Opinions about Frank Ski

Story from Rodney Ho of the Atlanta Journal Constitution
V-103 morning host Frank Ski has gotten his contract extension and will be on the station for at least another year.

I don’t know any details of the contract because Ski and his agent are contract-bound to say nothing about it. So did he get a raise? Is he staying one year, two years, three years or longer? Only a handful of people know that. Although Ski isn’t universally loved by any means (based on comments on this blog), his ratings have been nothing short of extraordinary lately. He’s No. 1 virtually across the board and pulled in an unbelievable 20 percent of the 18-34 demo in September with his co-host Wanda Smith.

Here's a taste of some of the comments:
good for V-103. Frank Ski has been very good for the station. he must be doing the job he was hired to do- stir up opinions and keep mornings number 1! i’d say he’s doing both things rather well

I stopped listening to V-103.I don’t like Frank Ski. He always seems to think that he is right. It is his way or no way. He’s very opinionated. And he’s very snobbish! Tonya this – Tonya that!! Who cares. Get rid of Mr. Sophia, too.

Read More of the "love him" or "hate him" comments

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