November 16, 2009

Welcome to Cathy Hughes' Reality Radio

What do you think of Cathy Hughes' Reality Radio segments on Radio One stations? OK, if you're in New York, LA, or Chicago you may not know because Radio One doesn't own any stations in those cities. Maybe you should tune in, Cathy tells you the reason why Black radio might disappear!

If you like you can take a listen to her latest segment here. As you visit the website listen to how H.R. 848, The Performance Royalty Act is attacked and a bit down the page take a look at Cathy Hughes receiving an honor from the Black college Greek organization Kappa Alpha Psi for her humanitarian efforts. No doubt for her ability to let an unknowing public know the reason why Black radio is a dying breed. Now the person who is 100 % in support of the bill passing is the same person Hughes took a picture with; Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.), who is head of the House Judiciary Committee. Politics indeed makes for strange bed fellows.

Are we talking performance royalty tax or humanitarian awards? I guess in Cathy Hughes' reality we are talking both.

Cathy Hughes why are you not talking about the PPM? You know the Arbitron Portable People Meter electronic ratings system. Could it be that your son, Radio One's Chairman Alfred Liggins gave his full endorsement of PPM by signing a five year contract with Arbitron back in 2007. PPM's poor sampling methods has caused many Black radio stations to score much lower compared to the old fill in handwritten diary that was used for many years. Lower ratings mean less money coming in.

But the main reason Black radio is doing poorly and there are layoffs across the board, is the economy. When you don't have businesses like General Motors buying advertising with Black media, then all areas of Black media will suffer. Look at Ebony Magazine and the lack of Black shows on network TV. That has nothing to do with the Performance Royalty Act as Ms. Hughes would have you to believe.

Anyway like most folks, you probably skipped Cathy Hughes Reality Radio segment and pushed your preset to another station. Just thought we let you know as a public service. What's your reality?

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