November 10, 2009

What's Been Up with Envy McKee

Envy McKee the former morning news anchor and Hip Hop talk show host on 100.3 The Beat in Philadelphia has jumped to cable TV. (She was unceremoniously let go from the station. Rumor has it that she wasn't a big hit with Jonesy whose co-host in New York was DJ Envy.)

In an addition to Miss McKee's cable TV show, she hosts a show on blog talk radio with (we think) Michael Shawn, the midday personality on The Beat. (Yes, the same Michael Shawn that use to co-host with Miss Jones at Hot 97)

Envy visited Cheyney University of Pennsylvania the oldest historically Black college in the country that boast the late Ed Bradley as an alumni. Despite what folks from Lincoln University might say Cheyney is the oldest. It's not much of debate, much like the fact that the real "HU" is Hampton and not Howard University, but that's another story.

Take a look at this interview with this one focused brother.

Now take a look at the great talent in the tradition of Boyz II Men and Patti LaBelle that's just bustin' out of the seams in Philly. A behind the scenes look at Radio One's Music and Entertainment conference '09.


  1. Correction... the real HU is Howard.... try 1867 HI didn't become a university until the 80's...

  2. Thank you Jermaine. This whole 'real HU' is silly when people were calling Howard HU when Hampton was still an Institute.

  3. I hope her show is a comedy. She lost me as a potential viewer when she said "We Is" within the first few seconds of the clip.

    I will never understand why alleged journalists and alleged college graduates feel the need to act [ at least I hope it's an act ] ghetto/street/hood in an attempt to reach a non-white audience. That way of thinking is why we will never surpass the status quo in this country or the world. It's as if being intelligent and showing it are STILL considered "acting white" or "selling out". Why can't it be as simple as us trying to do better than those before us?

  4. I'm pretty sure folk need to relax. Shaun and Jermaine are worried about a long standing Howard vs Hampton joke and Fakeem has got his panties in a bunch over my not being serious enough with my language-- when this clip is the furthest thing from serious. But whatever. Thanks for caring enough to comment? @QueenEnvy


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