December 17, 2009

Chicago's Jonathan Brandmeier Lashes Out at Radio Industry

He's ready to just sit back and let the ship sink

Former WLUP 97.9 "The Loop" (Chicago) Classic Rock Morning man Jonathan Brandmeier plays the part of a rapper named “Johnny B. The Unemployed Radio Mo Fo.” The video is laced with attacks on the radio industry and the decisions radio executives make to cut cost. On November 30, 2009, Brandmeier was released from his contract from WLUP and Emmis Communications. The firing came three months before the end of his contract.


Interesting note: Brandmeier, a mainstream classic rock DJ, chooses to take on a hip hop/rapper persona to show in displeasure. Probably, no other genre of music would be as effective at expressing his anger. Has he effectively sealed his fate for landing another radio gig?


  1. J.B is the best radio personality chicago has ever had.If someone doesnt pick him up then thay are stupid.As for his video it ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Are you insane. Johnny B will have no problem finding another radio station to go to. Please stay in Chicago Johnny B! You kept us all going in the morning, I can't believe the stupidity of 97.9 for getting rid of him. You don't cut costs by throwing out your biggest money maker. If your chart showed a loss its because everyones unemployed and sleeping in on unemployment. But people that still work like me listen to him every morning. Now I have no more reason to listen to 97.9 in the morning, so I listen to AM radio talk shows.

  3. Man Johnny B. was the reason i listened to the loop. Im only 23, all that music on that station is too old for me. the loop lost they're whole young audience when they let him go.

  4. If anyone out there is having Brandmeier withdrawals, I have in my posession:

    30 shows from 2005
    162 shows from 2006
    58 shows from 2007
    53 shows from 2008
    87 shows from 2009

    All shows are either the entire 6am to 10am broadcast, podcasts , Saturday weekly reviews of that past week's shows or Bits of Brandmeier when J.B. was ever on Vacation

    Also many shows from KZZP in Phoenix, KLSX in Hollywood, WCKG in L.A, Some simulcast WCKG, Arrow 97, and WLUP 1996 also simulcast to KZZP in Phoenix that year.

    E-mail if interested in any shows

  5. Me Stormen..
    Im 48 and have listened to Johnny Beee for more years then Id like to admit.. Hes the only reason I listend to the loop in the morning.. Made me laugh my ass off... Far as music goes I listen to the Drive 97.1 all the other times.. Funny thing is, the loop - the river- and Jack fm all have changed there music formatt to almost match the Drives formatt and they started it first.. Should tell ya someting.. The only thing the loop had going for it was Johnny Bee.......

  6. Ive got news for the loop... Thats the only reason I listend in the morning was to hear Johnny Beeeeeee........ I listen to the Drive otherwise for music... The loop big wigs are a bunch of loosers now...

  7. I have been listening to Johnny B for years. After moving to Atlanta years ago, going to work in the morning wasn't the same. Then I found his podcasts and my life was whole again...until this. Johnny B, please get back on the air somewhere and fast. I need my fix.

  8. WLUP - BIG mistake. Johnny B is the reason I listened to The Loop. No more. If I want music, there are much better choices in Chicago.

  9. Many years ago the Loop was a popular, good FM choice. I tuned out for better options years ago. I came back to it after a long absense for one reason: "Johnny B". We all listened to The Loop until 10:00am at work, and when Johnny signed off, we all signed off.

  10. Johnny B made the show fun, made the show real when he let us in his life when he told us about his father's passing. He brought his life into ours and along with that he played some good rock n roll. He is a crazy nurball but he is the kinda of guy you want as a friend. He brought us smiles, laughs, tears as he touched our life in the morning...He made us forget it was Monday with his friend Billy the Bed Bug, and yet he reminded us we are all human when he raised funds for charity. Hey Loop management, you may have had to make a business decision but you cut out the heart and soul of the Chicago spirit when you let Johnny B go!!!!!! Dont worry what goes around comes around.....Johnny we are with you and please get back on the air as I am going through morning withdrawl, there is only so many birds one can listen too.....Good Luck Johnny B!!!!!


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