December 21, 2009

Former media star, Jon Robinson Reveals Dark Life and Past

He's now facing homelessness, fighting addiction, waiting to hit bottom; Jon Robinson is telling his story because "I don't want to be a fraud, anymore."

Source: Mark Washburn TV/Radio Writer CharlotteObserver.com

Former TV anchor, radio host and stadium announcer Jon Robinson, (pictured here in 1992), 49, is now jobless. His Gastonia, NC home is in foreclosure. He expects to move into a homeless shelter.

Spotlight and shadow, Jon Robinson lived a double life.

High school basketball star who went to play for Lefty Driesell at the University of Maryland. Morning host on WBT-AM. News anchor on Channel 3. Stadium announcer for the Carolina Panthers. Cancer survivor.

And most recently, host on WKQC-FM ("K" 104.7), where he catered to the world of suburban soccer moms and bid them a cheery day.

"I was lying the whole time and the crazy thing is people loved me for it. What I really wanted to say is, 'I shot heroin last night and smoked crack and watched eight hours of pornos.'

"I'm a fraud."

Robinson, 49, is now jobless. His Gastonia home is in foreclosure. He took out the last $1,400 of his savings this month, $300 of it earmarked to pay off a drug debt. Now the rest is gone, too. He expects to move into a homeless shelter.

He is gaunt, awash with despair and has thought of suicide. It is a stunning contrast to the handsome, athletic, vibrant professional image cultivated over two decades in the media limelight. Read more

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