December 16, 2009

Pandora Coming to a Car Radio Near You

Source: Sherry L. Smith Black Web 2.0

Any one that has tried Pandora Radio out has to admit it’s pretty sweet. The internet radio provider lets you create your own music stations and listen to them from virtually anywhere. Whether its your cell phone or your computer Pandora is there. You could even get it in your car — provided you were willing to jerry-rig a setup using your Pandora-enabled phone or iPod.

Thankfully the days of MacGyver-ing your phone to get Pandora in your car may soon be over. According to GigaOm, the internet radio provide is looking to make a dedicated leap towards cars. Cheif Technology Officer Tom Conrad said that the initial push would still rely on smartphone apps that would be controlled from a steering wheel or dashboard interface. Eventually they would eliminate the need for apps altogether, integrating Pandora into web-connected autos outright.

There is already a deal between Pandora, Ford Motors, and some as of yet unnamed auto companies to include in-dashboard controls for mobile handsets. The devices would be held in place and drivers could access Pandora without having to fumble around with their devices which could be an accident in the making. Read more

In my opinion: Pandora and other online music applications have an initial pizzazz with consumers that works very well for them. However these apps are comparable to when folks were riding around with the 100 CD changers in the trunk of their cars. Soon the novelty wears off. Especially when the obscure track from the playlist pops up from nowhere and you're searching for the skip button to change the song. There will always be the need for people to have the intimacy that radio broadcasting provides. Now when will the radio industry take full advantage of that remains to be seen.

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