December 28, 2009

Smooth Jazz 107.3 The Wave Waving Goodbye

Update: Yes there are still Smooth Jazz stations around the country waiting for their death notice: "You're going online only and moving to a HD2 channel!"

Your Cleveland radio dial will be getting a big makeover if you have smooth jazz station 107.3 programmed as a favorite. The channel will switch over today at noon from 107.3 The Wave to 107.3 The Boom. The Boom will feature a wide variety of music from classic rock to today's names in alternative music. Their website states "107.3 Boom! Playing great songs from an eclectic mix of eras and genres, is as much an experiment as it is a destination for great music."

If you are a fan of the old format, your not completely out of luck. If you have an HD Radio, The Wave will be moved to 107.3 HD2 and also will be streamed online.

Source: The Cleveland Leader.com, Radio Info.com

Another Smooth Jazz station KOAS-FM (105.7) flips to rhythmic AC. It will keep the former smooth jazz slogan as “The Oasis,” while featuring “the greatest music of all time” from the likes of Donna Summer to Soul II Soul.

Related Post: Smooth Jazz Making a Comeback, Yeah Right Read about the Cleveland Smooth Jazz station's GM comments a year ago. Interesting yet unenlightened comments about the propects of the Smooth Jazz format's ability to survive.

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