December 3, 2009


Why does anyone take advice from Steve Harvey? Must be because he has a radio show. "Come on Steve", you say that cool has gone out of style because your generation did not teach it to the generation that followed you. Really??? It's been replaced by being "hard".

Steve you must realize the media images and music that existed back then "backed up" the cool that was taught to you. "Diamond in the back, sunroof top
Diggin' the scene with a gangsta lean, ooh hoo."

Cool was in style. In part because of what the public was shown to be acceptable through media. If the cool you're talking about comes from the 70's then take a look at some of the exploitative and popular betrayals of African American men at the time. Movies like The Mack, Shaft and Superfly; along with the supporting soundtracks that were spawned from those movies. People ate that stuff up like Madea in a Tyler Perry movie today. Those were some cool mutha...(shut your mouth); characters who portrayed a lot of respect for women. I think I heard a couple of hos and b****** in those movies too. Real respectful! "Better have my money!"

Media influences and perceptions along with music, are powerful influences no matter what era they come from. Steve you're in the industry. (You know the THEY you're talking about.) Is commercialized corporate music including Hip Hop partly to blame for what has been produced in men's attitudes toward women? What's on your typical urban radio station right now? (Hmmm) Now what do you think? Steve, I think you taught us too well.

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  1. did we all aspire to be like the mack? no, did the decade of the 1970's also show us roots, roots book 2? yes, what has hiphop shown us commercialy since 1992 the boogie, but what kind of boogie, how much weight i can slang, how I can mack it, how i'm from the hood and must stay hood to be true, that has been the popular definition of americas black youth and if u think not u are seriously fooling yourself, because it is always pushed to the youth even if it is college age or 40 year olds making the musick. Do u recall lyrical content of the 1970's with the present? no. But some who boogie to todays musick will call it cool. We try to sucker each other even tho it's just denial of the truth of how black american music has been dummed down for a generation now. You will be debating apples and oranges until u are grey in the face, don't compare, it is what it is, it's just way past time we start calling it that instead of looking for apple and oranges debates as a way of validating what we already know.


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