January 4, 2010

Black Radio Lives on in the U.K. on Radio 1 BBC

The other Radio One in the radio industry is from the BBC. Radio 1 is a British national radio station operated by the BBC which also broadcasts internationally, specialising in current popular music and chart hits throughout the day. Radio 1 provides alternative genres after 7:00pm including electronic dance, hip hop, rock or interviews. It is aimed primarily at the 15–29 age group. Radio 1 was launched at 7:00am on 30 September 1967 as a direct response to the popularity of offshore pirate radio stations such as Radio Caroline, which had been outlawed by Act of Parliament.

One of the stations Radio 1 features is Hip Hop and RnB station Radio1Xtra. From what I sampled, their playlist is decidedly British with an occasional American hit. You know they love Rihanna. I found it very entertaining especially their breaks and interaction with callers. However what makes this station unusual is the fact that they promote themselves as BLACK! You would never catch an urban station stateside promoting themselves as a Black radio station especially in a PPM ratings world.

Here's a sample of the imaging they use for their different programs.

"The best black music from the UK"

"The newest black music and hottest UK talent"

You can take a listen to Radio1Xtra here.

Overall the BBC's Radio 1 definitely seems plugged into mobile technologies by providing various listening options. You can also catch the BBC main Top 40 station "Radio 1" on Sirius satellite radio.

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  1. Radio 1 is a well respected music grapevine to billions of music fans. YUNG RO, St.Louis rap star and CEO of BPENT, is establishing his relationship with the commercial radio giant. He hopes that as a indie artist the corporate heads will recognize his grind. YUNG RO describes his movement as Fresha Den A Mall.


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