January 20, 2010

Blog Goes After Steve Harvey and says "Fertility Is Not A Joke!"

From Mrs. Tiye's blog "The Broken Brown Egg":

Well Eggshells, on the way in to work today, I found out that I'm going to have to go off on Steve Harvey. It's confirmed. Every morning during his radio show, Steve and his co-host Shirley Strawberry, read what is called the "Strawberry Letter". People write in seeking advice and Shirley and Steve respond. Usually, Shirley is the "good cop", with sound advice and sympathetic answers, while Steve provides the blunt, sometimes aggressively humorous bad cop role. He is often serious at first, unless the letter is totally outrageous and then afterwards, will get a little more humorous and raunchy.

Well... this was the Strawberry Letter for today:

Hello Steve, Shirley, and Morning Crew. I am a 39 yr old woman with a wonderful husband. He is a God fearing man, that is an excellent provider, and the best husband that any woman could ask for. He is the most unselfish person that I have ever met. We desperately want to start a family but this past summer I was diagnosed with diabetes and ended up in ICU with a blood sugar of 980. The nursed said that I should have been in a coma. Well because of this the doctor told us that we really should try to wait a while before we try to conceive. I also have PCOS (Polysystic Ovary Snydrome) which is already an issue and now this. I feel like less than a wife because I can not give my husband the one thing that he wants the most. He is very supportive and never pressures me about this but, I really want to start a family with my husband. I feel terrible about this situation.

As someone who UNDERSTANDS this situation, I was immediately interested in what Steve and Shirley were going to say. Shirley said that the woman should be more focused on getting herself healthy and worry about having a baby later. Her tone was a bit annoying, but at least her point was well-taken.

Now Steve's response:

"Lady, what the hell, you don't need no baby. What do you want us to say? You ain't even ask a question! You don't need no baby. Adopt an abused circus animal. You already got posturepedic(PCOS), whatever it is, you ain't even asking us anything. Your husband ain't putting no pressure on you, why you putting it on yourself?""Have jungle sex three nights a week and tell your husband that if yall have a baby, you can't do that no more. What you trying to have a baby for? Your blood sugar was 980!? That's almost a 1000! You don't need a 10000 of anything. Hell, you don't need 1000 eyelashes! Then you already got that PCOS, I don't even know what that is, probably some woman's issue. Why don't you adopt a white baby to flip the script. Why not just let somebody live in yall house. Why you write us? Why you draggin us down into this?"

Dear Mr. Harvey,

Congratulations on being the father of four children. I’m sure that they are the apple of your eye, your pride and joy, and your very reason for doing what you do. I’ve heard you from time to time referencing them with a glimmer of pride in your voice, and I know that you are a great father by the way you speak of them. Now, that being said, I wonder if you have ever likened your precious babies, two of which are only one year younger than I, to abused circus animals?

I ask this question because on today’s show, that is exactly what you prescribed to a woman who was struggling with infertility and who reached out to you. I ask you, as you look into the eyes of your children, do you ever honestly feel that they would be better equated to a week of “hot jungle love”, as you put it. I pose that question because you told this same writer that she should convince her husband that it was better to have sex than to yearn for offspring for fear that they might “ruin it”. Do you see where I’m going with this?

...I was disappointed this morning Mr. Harvey. As someone who is claiming to be a relationship guru, expert, or overall oracle for women to seek out for advice and support, you disgraced yourself this morning. You made yourself out to be an insensitive man of lowly moral character in whom none of us, perhaps not even your own daughters, should confide in for anything of substance...

>>Read more of the response letter to Steve Harvey

As I have said in other post; why does anyone take advice from Steve Harvey, let alone relationship advice.

Also I wonder if Clear Channel has a backup plan if for some reason Steve Harvey puts his foot in his mouth and has to be taken off the air. Didn't they learn their lesson with the Star and Buc Wild Morning show???

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  1. Mrs. Tiye has since formed The Broken Brown egg, and Non Profit fighting for the awareness of African American Infertility. On September 17th The Broken Brown Egg will also host its first annual A.H.A. Gala.

    For more info you can go to thebrokenbrownegg.org for more info and to purchase tickets.


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