January 25, 2010

Howard Stern still says "NO" to terrestrial radio

What's next for Stern? Retirement or more satellite radio...

Today Howard Stern responded to reports that say that he may return to regular broadcast radio. "I'm not contemplating it," Stern told listeners on Sirius XM satellite radio, "I don't want to be censored." Howard Stern's current $500 million contract is set to expire in December.

"Just because I said people call me from time to time doesn't mean I'm actually going back," Stern added. "I just said a lot of people called. I'm not contemplating it."

Many radio experts are saying that radio giant Clear Channel would be the only logical place
for Stern, if he returns to terrestrial radio. Their thoughts are based on the fact that Clear Channel is the only company capable of offering Stern a huge contract. Clear Channel Radio President/CEO John Hogan told Bloomberg Business that they might be interested in signing Howard Stern. The company's interest hinges on whether Stern would be willing to work "within the limitations" of free over-the-air radio, said Hogan.

"We clearly have both the willingness and the financial wherewithal to consider high-profile talent," Hogan said in a statement. "We would be the most logical company for him to optimize his exposure and financial return."

Keep in mind it was Clear Channel was the company that began the censoring Stern movement and dropped "The Howard Stern Show" from its radio stations back in 2004 based on impending indecency charges levied by the FCC. Now given the fact that Stern has made a half a billion dollars the last five years; working at Clear Channel Radio, where he would be censored, would not be appealing to him.

If Stern doesn't return to satellite radio, then retirement would not be out of the question for him. However over the next 11 months the possibility of podcasting over the Internet and generating ad revenue may become a reality and a viable option for Stern.

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