January 21, 2010

Joyce Littel and The Quiet Storm No Longer on V-103?

Source: The Atlanta Journal Constitution

-It appears Joyce Littel and radio station V103 (WVEE) may have parted ways, although she and her nighttime show, “The Quiet Storm,” are still listed on the station’s Web site V-103.com .

Twitter has now become the way to break news for many in the entertainment industry. Press releases are becoming a thing of the past as on air host beat their former station's to the punch and tweet their own firing. O
ne of Littel’s own recent Tweets says, “I am celebrating my release,” but there’s no explanation what she’s celebrating a release from.

Here are some other tweets from her followers:

I love you Aunt Joyce, keep your head up, Twenty years on V103. Most radio personalities don’t make it a year.

Is really true??? Is there no more ‘Quiet Storm?’

Could V-103 be making way for a new show hosted by Atlanta area transplants, actors Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker. They have been an occasional fill-in hosts at the Atlanta station along with a stint at 107.5 WBLS in New York last summer.

Another sign that the requirements for a radio host is be a celebrity in another field outside of radio (be it a writer, actor, singer; anything other than a radio DJ) and you're sure to get a show in a major market.

Now if you want to be on the radio your best bet is to aspire to be on the air in a medium size market outside of syndicated time periods. ...and that is the way it is

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