January 8, 2010

Star and Buc Wild Have Joined Shovio.com

New York radio on air personalities Star and Buc Wild are joining Shovio.com on Monday, January 11. Star AKA Troi Torain is already an internet hit on Vlad TV with his younger brother Timothy Joseph, will be joined by radio sidekick White Trash Helene on the new internet venture.

OK, so what is Shovio?

Shovio is the first live, two-way broadcasting network. It has the look of TV, the spontaneity of talk-radio, and the omnipresence of the internet rolled into one revolutionary presentation. (Their words, not mine.)

The show hosts communicate live with their audience and the interaction is seen by millions of viewers. Shovio is the first company to deliver two-way broadcasting to desktops and mobile phones. Check out a preview on this new live internet video channel.

An interesting concept that seems to bring together internet radio streaming and webcam technology.

1 comment:

  1. Shovio.com is the best for hiring you cats aboard. Shovio is now taking the place of TV. Get it my brothers.


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