February 26, 2010

Howard Stern to Host $100,000 Beauty Contest for Tiger Woods' Mistresses

Source: FOX News.com and The Times of London As if Tiger Woods’s apology last week for his serial philandering wasn’t enough of a public humiliation, several of his former mistresses have agreed to take part in a beauty pageant in which they will compete for a $100,000 prize.

The Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant, organized by shock jock Howard Stern, will be held on March 10.

So far, only four of the golfer’s former mistresses — out of the 13 identified in the press — have agreed to take part.

They will compete in categories such as “Swimsuit,” “Personality” and “Talent” to earn the judges’ votes.

When Stern first announced the idea of the pageant, he said that it would take place only if more than three women responded. All of them had to have been named in news publications as lovers of the golfer.

Just imagine if Howard Stern was back on terrestrial radio; How huge of a media star would he be? As it stands now Stern can generate interest from his perch in New York City on radio that most people don't receive or are willing to pay for. From a Tiger Woods Beauty Contest to being considered as a possible replacement for Simon Cowell on American Idol; Stern must be the king of all media. Right? One of his comedic sidekicks, Artie Lang tires to commit suicide, and that becomes a top story on mainstream news outlets. That's an amazing and astounding feat considering the fact he hasn't been heard on free radio for five years. And supposedly he doesn't have that many listeners...

Arbitron has released data in the past that shows in an average week 1,225,000 listeners tune in to hear Stern. So Stern has maybe a few hundred thousand listeners at any given point during his show each day. When compared to syndicated radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh (he can boast a weekly rating of 14.75 million listeners), the numbers are minuscule. One thing can be said, his listeners are devoted and passionate about their allegiance to Stern.

Howard Stern's five year $500 million contract with Sirius XM radio ends at the end of the year. Will Sirius be able to re-sign him? Can they afford not to?

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