February 5, 2010

"Still Bill" the documentary on singer Bill Withers

This documentary is simply fantastic. Bill Withers is about as least likely as anyone you know to record a number one hit record. You know the songs, "Lean On Me", "Ain't No Sunshine" and many others.

We find out that Bill, who was making airplane toilets at the time, decided at age 32 to try his hand at the music business. We also find out that it was just as easy for him to walk away from it all in 1985. He hasn't released an album since.

The film not only provides footage of a songwriting genius, but also gives an unexpected exploration into the life of a soulful and compassionate singer that's filled with humorous moments and many life lessons. If only the people who run the music industry took "the art side" of making music more seriously, instead of relying on the formulaic process that quite frankly rewards image rather than talent. If only. Yes it is a business, but at the end of the day, we the listening public, tuned-in to our radios daily, are missing out on a whole lot of talent that rarely sees the light of day, like Bill Withers.

Check out where to see a screening of the film, buy the DVD, or host a screening yourself at still bill the movie.com .

Still Bill Trailer from B-Side Entertainment on Vimeo.

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