February 2, 2010

WBLS pays tribute to its company's founder Percy Sutton during Black History Month

107.5 WBLS pays tribute to Inner City Broadcasting founder Percy E. Sutton during Black History Month.

Mr. Sutton is honored with a photo gallery and bio reminiscent of the Tavis Smiley's exhibit "America I AM."

The bio begins with a quote from Radio One CEO, Alfred Liggins, "Percy Sutton started it all. We at Radio One aspired to emulate Percy and Inner City Broadcasting, as did any black broadcaster of any size and scale."

The website also encourages listeners to tell how they are (like) Percy Sutton and many other noted Black Americans during the month of February including current radio hosts Rev. Al Sharpton, Steve Harvey, and even New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg.

(Did you know Mr. Bloomberg was Black??? Really? He must be, he's listed under Black History!!!)
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