February 2, 2010

WBLS pays tribute to its company's founder Percy Sutton during Black History Month

107.5 WBLS pays tribute to Inner City Broadcasting founder Percy E. Sutton during Black History Month.

Mr. Sutton is honored with a photo gallery and bio reminiscent of the Tavis Smiley's exhibit "America I AM."

The bio begins with a quote from Radio One CEO, Alfred Liggins, "Percy Sutton started it all. We at Radio One aspired to emulate Percy and Inner City Broadcasting, as did any black broadcaster of any size and scale."

The website also encourages listeners to tell how they are (like) Percy Sutton and many other noted Black Americans during the month of February including current radio hosts Rev. Al Sharpton, Steve Harvey, and even New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg.

(Did you know Mr. Bloomberg was Black??? Really? He must be, he's listed under Black History!!!)



    Negros for sale. How disheartening.

  2. bloomberg and the sutton family have done business for many years, so it's nothing out left feild.

  3. Oh! So let me get this straight. Bloomberg & The Suttons have been doing business for many years...and therefore Bloomberg qualifies to be spotlighted during Black History Month beside Oprah?

    No one sees anything wrong with this?

    We're in trouble. *shakes head*

  4. u should ask the suttons why they have had a 30 year releationship with bloomberg, there answer to u will be "It's good for our bottom line." it stopped being about the people longer than u think, it's about money to the socalled icons we champion today as people really making moves, but just trying to play the old boy game that suckers them all the time. And keeps john and jane q public thinking these people are really trailblaizers.

  5. Bloomberg doing business with the Suttons is one issue within itself...but SPOTLIGHTING BLOOMBERG DURING BLACK HISTORY MONTH IS DESPICABLE!

    Has Doomberg done something specifically for Black people that I don't know about? Somebody please let me know!

    Seriously, don't you get it? Does this not make you scratch your head?

    What an f'in mess. I'm so disappointed. I'm even MORE disgusted that no one has anything to say on the matter.

  6. we live in the age of the sell out thats what should upset u and in the age of worshiping entertainment as the be all and all of black american culture. When u are able to understand that then u will also understand why bloomberg gets a pass and is considered an honorary black in nyc's black community.


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