March 24, 2010

The 2 Live Stews - Brothers Scrappin' in the Studio (video)

Yes it's nothing like working in radio with your brother and there's nothing like getting in a fight with him on the air...

What is their momma saying about all of this!

From Rodney Ho ajc -The 790/The Zone’s brotherly duo Ryan and Doug Stewart got into a semi-serious physical altercation in the studio yesterday.

Doug was teasing the entertainment gal Jasmine “Jazzy” Spears about mispronounced names (e.g. Reba Jackson).

Ryan wasn’t happy. “Don’t disrespect her,” he said. “I don’t like how you call her out.” So the pair spent a fairly absurd amount of time wrestling around the studio. Doug unfortunately is far smaller than his brother, a former NFL player. So I’d say Ryan won. Doug looks quite sweaty at the end.

“I did that for you, Jazzy!” Ryan told her.

Read more in the ajc Rodney Ho's Radio TV Blog and "The Stews" response to the studio altercation.

Click here to see the video

"But let's keep it real" as Ryan Stewart likes to say... Jazzy messed up quite a few names in the short video clip. The Stews have had much better female entertainment reporters on their sports talk show in the past, including Elle Duncan, who is now the midday host at V-103 in Atlanta.

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