March 1, 2010

Al Sharpton the New Talk Show King; Picked up in New York and Philadelphia

What is the aftermath of last week's Al Sharpton and Tavis Smiley spat. Let's not simply call it a spat, it was more like a verbal butt-whupping by Sharpton on Smiley's behind worthy of a call to child protective services or 911. The consensus around the country from social-critic commentators and listeners alike was that Smiley deserved the whipping he took from Sharpton. How dare he suggest that Rev. Al was not living up to his title as African American leader? Maybe Tavis touched a nerve that trigger such a lashing out in the reactionary diatribe by Sharpton. Who knows? Didn't anyone tell them that you don't air your dirty laundry out in the streets? In any event it made for good radio.

Meanwhile Al Sharpton seems poised to take over the throne of talk show king in America. Watch out Rush Limbaugh? Well not quite yet!

Al Sharpton has added two stations to his list of affiliates recently. In New York "Keeping It Real" can be heard on 1600 WWRL in New York City from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. The station only airs two hours of the program on a delayed basis. WWRL has had to revamp their line-up due to the demised of the liberal leaning talk radio network Air America back in January.

Last week Sharpton was added to the programming line-up at 900 AM WURD a day before the "spat". Sharpton will be heard live at the Philadelphia talk station from 1p.m. to 4 p.m. Sharpton replaces local talk show host Reggie Bryant, who has been missing from the airwaves in recent weeks due to undisclosed health issues. Both stations can be heard online.


  1. al sharptons radio one show has been airing on tape delay via wwrl 1600 am for well over a year now, long before access 1 communications corp broke ties with air america radio that went belly up in january. Seriously if al sharpton was talk show king, wwrl would have the guts to air it live and not on delay, why would they air something they know has limited ad buyers? because that's what wwrl wil tell you. That is why they air ed shultz live instead. And they also own a piece of the ed shultz radio as well.

  2. WWRL is not listed on the Al Sharpton Show website. He's also not listed on WAOK in Atlanta but they still list him on WAMJ. That's about a year old too. Why don't they consider their web info important?

  3. al sharpton is a fat ass little punk; somebody needs to bitchslap him and 60's hair into the real world.
    he is NOT a leader- he is an egotistical, self-centered hatemonger. the rules that are so important to him don't apply to him- tell us al, who paid the judgement against you in the tawana brawley case? why weren't you man enough?
    how about your role in crown heights? how about the arson attack against the jewish jeweler in 95 that resulted in 8 deaths?
    you are such a fraud- i grew up in detroit's 10th precinct in the 50's & 60's- you would have been everyone's punk-bitch punching bag. you are a sorry excuse for a human being; go lead some more marches- that's all you're good for. for all the publicity, your list of accomplishments is pathetically small. hard to believe anyone with an iq over 70 would take you serious..loser, loser, loser!

  4. I think to many peoples dismay or even shock the jury has spoken on al sharpton no matter how much the author of this website would like you to think other wise or radio one, which many pro sharptons people are exposed to 5 days a week, al sharptons history is in nyc and if you really wanna learn that history seek it out, it's there for you to see uncut and unfiltered.

  5. maybe al sharpton's website doesn't want to list wwrl because it's heard on tape delay, but wwrl's website lists the show.


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