March 4, 2010

Mo'Nique Says Sex Outside of Marriage is "Not a Deal Breaker" and is ready to takeover the morning show on 95-5 WPGC

Oscar nomination and BET talk show apparently is not enough for Mo'Nique. She is set to be morning host at 95.5 WPGC in Washington, D.C.

Actress Monique Imes opens up about her marriage to her childhood friend Sidney Hicks on the 29th and final "Barbara Walters Oscars Special". The couple has been married since May 2006.

Mo'Nique said it is an open marriage, which she defined for Walters as "no secrets." "Open means, you know what, let me tell you my every secret, my fantasies, my thoughts, so that way, there are no surprises," Mo'Nique said.

When asked by Walters if the couple had sex outside of the marriage, Mo'Nique said: "Let me say this: I have not had sex outside of my marriage with Sidney. Could I have sex outside of my marriage with Sidney? Yes. Could Sid have sex outside of his marriage with me? Yes. That's not a deal-breaker."

Walters pressed: What if it happened more than once? For the answer watch "The Barbara Walters Oscar Special." Source: ABC Entertainment

Meanwhile, Mo'Nique is said to be on her way to host next week at WPGC in conjunction with her comedy show at Constitution Hall in D.C. What gives here? You think Mo'Nique has a point to prove? Especially with Radio One, who axed her nationally syndicated radio show a year ago. This seems like a long way to go to prove you're worthy of radio. I'd take my Oscar and run.

Mo'Nique would be replacing D.C. legend and longtime morning host Donnie Simpson, who left the station last month. Donnie's former co-hosts Angie Corley, Mike Brooks, and Bootsy Vegas have been filling in since his departure, but all three were let go last week. Mo'Nique is not expected to be the permananent solution at WPGC. Afternoon host Big Tigger is expected to takeover mornings after the Mo'Nique guest host run is over. Which in reality makes the most sense on the hip hop and r&b station.

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