March 29, 2010

Redding California Talk Host Accused of On-Air Racist Remarks

Is there anyone surprised by this in our post-racial America?... The host goes on to say he wasn't talking about the Obama White House, but another President. We are pretty sure that talk show host would not object to this photo. In fact he would probably welcome it.

The station (KQMS) features Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. So as much as Mr. Roberts denies it; is there any doubt about his true feelings? He is falling in line with the syndicated hosts at the station. Which is to say outlandish things and watch the ratings soar. Good business strategy in the long run, huh?

Radio-Online News/Talk KQMS-AM/Redding, CA, talk personality Ray Roberts is in hot water over comments that the local NAACP calls "in-your-face racist." "Ronald Reagan wouldn't go into the Oval Office without wearing a coat and tie," he said during his morning show. "Now we have people going in there and eating fried chicken and throwing the bones over their shoulder."

Roberts denied that his comments were racist, and he said last Thursday (3-25) that he was not speaking about President Barack Obama when he complained on air about what he perceived as a degradation of respect for the Oval Office, but rather former President Jimmy Carter.

"He (Carter) made a big joke about it" eating chicken in the Oval Office, said Roberts. "Nobody said anything about Obama."

But Patricia Sansom, head of the local NAACP chapter, said, "He didn't say Jimmy Carter," she said. "He said what we have now." "It's flat-out racist," Sansom said. But she said that she has not lodged a complaint with the radio station.

Tony Clark, a spokesman for the Jimmy Carter Library & Museum in Atlanta, said "That's wrong. He didn't do that. He treated the office with reverence."

KQMS GMr Vince Shadrick said Thursday that no complaints had been received about the talk host's comments.

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