April 22, 2010

Facebook is betting on "Like" Instead of Becoming A Fan

The new "Like" buttons transmit data about user activity back to Facebook.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg delivers a keynote address at Facebook's f8 conference.

The Wall Street Journal reports the new changes at Facebook. The implications of this like "click" is said to be Facebook's opportunity to challenge Google in web marketing and advertising supremacy. Now you can connect with friends on your favorite websites. We noticed the change on our Pandora page. The photo from the f8 conference shows that The New York Times and CBS.com are just some of the media companies already on board with the new change.

"A centerpiece of the changes involves a simple button, offered to other Web sites, that says "Like." For free, other Web sites can install a Facebook "Like" button that users can click on to signal their interest in a piece of content, such as a band or an article. The user's approval then shows up on his or her Facebook page, with a link back to the site."

Read more from the WSJ

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