April 19, 2010

Nicki Minaj Confides To Baby That She Feels Guilty About Kids Listening To Her Music

Isn't her name all we really need to know? She didn't know she had fans as young as 12 years old. Really, she didn't know? Let's sign her up for a remake of "Clueless."

-From HipHopWired It seems there's more to Barbie than meets the eye as Nicki Minaj revealed to the Birdman during an interview with BET that she's being pulled between what's gonna make her sell and what's truly in her heart that she wants to spit. The First Lady of Young Money said,

“I know what people want from me… but that's not always what I want to do but I don't want to lose them in the process. I just did something called “Shit%ting On ‘Em.” It's real hood, its old Nicki. I just want to balance it.”

Read more from this post at Hip Hop Wired and see another video performance here. An amazing piece of apologist and sympathetic drivel about an irresponsible artist that is being exploited in today's music industry. Let's see if she changes her image.

Read more here and see
another video performance...

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