May 14, 2010

103.5 The Beat Miami is Replaced by Spanish AC Music Format

Clear Channel Radio has replaced Urban station “103.5 the Beat” (WMIB) with an adult contemporary Spanish music format “103.5 Super X, Mi music 80s, 90s y hoy”, music of the 80's, 90's, and more.

With the format change WMIB drops the The Steve Harvey Show in the morning along with long time radio personality Prince Markie Dee, who was a founding member of the 80's rap group The Fat Boys.


  1. Why would you all take off the best station in south fla? I need my Steve Harvey to drive and positve information,the music was the best. We did not get a notice,or was it reorted on tv. There is enough spanish stations. Is this the USA?

  2. I'm so lost today without the Beat and the Steve Harvey morning show. I don't understand the change and I'm not a fan, and I think the listeners deserved a vote or at the very least notification.

  3. this will pass, who knows maybe a local morning show will appear in a few years, when someone in south florida decides to take a chance on "urban" programing.

  4. I don't understand why or how a change like this can happen with absolutely no notification to it's fans. I was so dis-appointed to find this out on my way to work this morning. Being originally from New York, 103.5 the Beat was as close to Hot 97 style of Urban music as you can get. What's up with showing some respect to it's loyal fan base???

  5. yikes as close to hot 97 style of urban music as you can get? now that's sad and that's what shows the generational gap created when hot 97 format began, what it did was fragment urban music radio and forstered a 2 tier radio format for urban radio music listeners that is still the same today, the only thing that will save urban radio is the return of non fragmented urban radio, and more local radio and an open playlist, this move was a good move because radio is a business and business says you go for your largest growing demo to cluster it lock it down and that's what clear channel did, and I think that was strategy well done.

  6. I use to live in Duvalllllll county( Jacksonville). T-Roy is on this radio station, you made it to miami. I would love to hear some Duvalllll music (lil boosie).....PLz


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