June 3, 2010

Elle Duncan Joins Frank & Wanda In the Morning on V-103; Miss Sophia? He's Out

“You’d drive yourself crazy basing your decisions on what people say on a blog,” she said. “People who know me and work with me every day know I work hard. I try to be respectful. I try to be a good employee and play my role and try to get better. I have a bit of a thick skin. I’ve been on Web sites that posted my picture and someone says I can’t be 27 years old because I have ‘old’ knees.”

Elle Duncan relinquishes a her midday slot at V-103 in Atlanta to take over the entertainment (and now sports reports) on the "Frank & Wanda In the Morning" Show. She will replace the former cross dressing entertainment reporter, comedian Joe Taylor "Miss Sophia."

Here's more on the exclusive report from Rodney Ho of the AJC.

The new midday host has not be named, but V-103 has a strong bench. So look for Ramona Debreaux or Rashan Ali to be named permanent midday personality at the station.
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