June 24, 2010

Golden Girl Exits Power 99 in Philadelphia

Clear Channel Urban/Hip Hop station Power 99 (WUSL-FM) late night host Golden Girl, (Lisa Natson) exits the station after more than 10 years. She has worked various shifts from midday host to morning co-host. At the time she replaced Wendy Williams on "The Dream Team" morning show when Wendy returned to New York radio on WBLS.

She came aboard at the station, during Power 99's heyday under former program director and personality Glenn "Golden Boy" Cooper. Golden Girl is probably best known for exploits with rapper Lil' Kim. The Hot Boys will expand their night show to 7pm-midnight at Power 99.


  1. It's about time someone got her ass off the radio. You get tired of hearing about sex , and all kinds of sexual references and writing books about people and lying on them. They should have been pulled her off the radio all she do is lie about everything anyway. Oh well the high and mighty has fallen. Bye girl & Good riddence. A grown woman hanging around teenagers and drinking and getting high with them too. What kind of influence is that? Thank You Clear Channel.

  2. Anonymous, don't forget she also speaks about non violence and peace but she has a very violent son who beat women, has children but does not support them because he does not work. Yes golden girl is a grandmother to at least 4 grandchildren. What a fraud!!


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