July 23, 2010

ABC News Signs Distribution Deal with Slacker Personal Radio

Listeners who use Slacker can now get access to radio and TV audio content from ABC News. Slacker lets users access personalized content on smartphones; its mobile apps are available for Android, iPhone, Palm webOS, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry, as well as at the Slacker website and on Slacker-enabled Sony TV and Blu-ray players.

Steve Jones, vice president and general manager, ABC News Radio says Slacker offers its audience "immense" flexibility to get custom content where they want it.

The companies say the ABC News station enables listeners to create a personal experience by selecting stories they want to hear.

Listeners to the free basic service will be able to try ABC News for up to 14 days; Slacker Radio Plus subscribers get unlimited access. Plans start at $3.99 a month.

Using Slacker Personal Radio, listeners create personal "radio" stations based on any artist or mix of artists, or listen to and personalize various programmed genre stations.

How long will it be before these pureplay music services like Slacker, Last FM and Pandora go another step further and add a host to voice the format the listener is playing? It just more competition for terrestrial radio to get the ears of listeners.

No matter what traditional radio people think, a radio tower transmitting a signal over the broadcast spectrum is not important to the average potential radio listener. The public perceives these listening platforms such as Slacker or Pandora as "radio" ...and getting it over their mobile device just makes it more convenient.


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