July 12, 2010

DC's Majic 102.3 Makes It's Big Announcement

No, the announcement has nothing to do with Donnie Simpson returning to the Washington, D.C. airwaves, in fact Donnie may not even fit in with their new format. The announcement doesn't even have to do with the station naming new hosts after firing the entire airstaff two weeks ago. It has to do with Majic 102.3 (WMMJ) going commercial free for 102 hours and according to the website DCRTV, Majic is looking to tweak their format to appeal more to women 35-44.

This format focuses on playing R&B from the "80's, 90's and Today", and is currently running on Radio One's urban ac station My92.7 WQNC in Charlotte. However we seem to remember this approach was tried earlier in the year at 107.9 WRNB in Philadelphia. It did not go over very well.

D.C. still seems to be a Phyllis Hyman, Luther Vandross and Frankie Beverly kind of town. New airstaff are expected to be named by the end of summer.


  1. It seems that 102.3 has cancelled "The Tom Joyner Show" now, and they just don't know what they are doing. I DO NOT like the new format!!!!I look forward on Sundays to listen to the oldies and all they were playing were the same stuff that is on the other radio stations. Go back to your old format because 40 and over like to listen to good music from back in the day, not the same old music that is played on every other radio station. We only had 2 stations in the DC area that played oldies and now we are down to 1. Magic step you game up and bring back Tom Joyner and some area DJ's!!!!!

  2. The TJMS is not on Monday and Tuesday. WHAT? That's a radical move. Does Tom Joyner know about this?


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