July 20, 2010

FOX News is Doing African American Voters a Favor by Exposing The New Black Panther Party

As incredible as this may sound, a contributor on the CNN show "Reliable Sources" says that FOX News is providing a service to African American voters who wanted to vote for Barack Obama during the 2008 elections, but were intimidated. TV One host and TJMS contributor Roland Martin appears on Reliable Sources with Howard Kurtz and Jim Geraghty to discuss Fox News' extensive coverage of the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case.

Comment from YouTube-"Roland is right on. Fox News is trying to accomplish 3 things here. 1. To make everyone talk about them, 2. To create the "Scary Black Man" syndrome amongst white voters, and 3. (and this is most important) try to paint the picture that President Obama will not prosecute these people because they are black. (Some of that race-baiting that they claim they hate so much). The truth is no one would know who these 6 or 7 lunatics were if they weren't on faux news so much."

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