July 13, 2010

Just a random Media and Advertising Observation...about the AT&T 57th President Commercial

A guy named Steve observed on the AdFreak website; "...this commercial makes no sense in terms of timing."

"President Obama is the 44th President. The kid of this couple is supposedly the 57th President - i.e., a difference of 13 [presidents]. But if you go back 13 Presidents, the 31st President was Herbert Hoover, who took office in 1929. That's 81 years ago. So by that math, this kid is going to be 80 when he's sworn in. And assuming his parents are 25-30 years older than him, they're going to be anywhere from 101-106 at that inauguration. That's nonsense."

But wait, could it be possible? If the next 13 presidents serve just one 4 year term (not likely though), then that would be only 52 years from now... is someone trying to tell us something about the Presidential election in 2064. Anyway how does an older "Caucasian looking couple" have a child that looks Asian at the piano and Hispanic blowing out candles on a birthday cake. Where's Arsenio Hall when you need him... Things that make you go Hmmm..."

AT&T has enough problems anyway... Did you see that Consumer Reports suggest using duct tape to improve the AT&T wireless reception with the new iPhone 4!!! (LOL)

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