July 22, 2010

The Less is More Approach to Marketing Yourself as an Artist

Of the hundreds of promotional material we received in our inbox, this one was by far different, very different (lol). Will it work? Who knows...

It immediately reminded us of Forrest Gump. There was a lot of that "life is a box of chocolates" philosophy in Ronnie Brown's promotional pics and marketing. It was a far cry from the usual over the top, slam you over the head, scantily clad women photoshopped stuff that is usually marketed by independent hip-hop labels. Which results in all of it blending together and nothing promoted stands out.

Take a look for yourself at the new Forrest Gump with a southern durty durty twist.
Ronnie says, "Damn, I really enjoyed these image(s) ... I guess this is the more complex side of me shown. The path the road. Where Im headed I dont think Ill have company. Success can be lonely."

Now as far as the music goes, his single is called, "Cheat on Your Man." It's the usual fare that hip hop now offers. You know the music that seems to be written for pre-adolescent males who are unable to handle their immaturity and under-developed feelings and anxieties towards females. (but that's a whole other story that's got nothing to do with Ronnie, It's what we're told that sells.)

Here's Ronnie X. Brown's official blog. If there's a lesson here, it's be different from the rest!

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