July 5, 2010

Michael Baisden Stirs Up His Listeners Against Carter and Sanborn and WDAS

Although Michael Baisden is on vacation this week, he's not far away from his listeners. Baisden posted the following on his Facebook fanpage :

"We’re off the air in Philly! I did not agree to be replaced during vacation. This is some Fragernackle Bull!!!"

After the status update the Baisden Live fans were immediately inspired to attack the programming decision by WDAS and some attacked Carter and Sanborn also. Brian Carter and Dave Sanborn, the former top rated morning show hosts at WDAS and Power 99, filled in 3 days last week for Baisden.

Some of the 80 comments also stated that Baisden was off the air in Cleveland at 93.1 WZAK on Friday. Was Baisden being "over sensitive" because he was not informed of the programming decision or is there apparently a ratings concern in the afternoons in Philadelphia?

Brian Carter addressed the issue with his fans, "...some of his frenzied listeners called us 'has beens' etc....funny. Our track record speaks for itself. He must've forgot those days when he was selling his books out the trunk ...he promoted them on our show on Power [99]".

1 comment:

  1. I for one am glad that other programming is being offered other that Mr. Baisden. Its strange that a man whose upset about not being able to control programming when I can not unsubscribe to his email newsletters. It is what it is Michael - not having control is something you should understand. Cleveland, Ohio WZAK listener again now that Mr. Baisden is off the air.


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