July 15, 2010

The Money Decision to Keep the Number One Record in the U.S.A. by a Rapper Off of Urban Radio Stations

The number one record in the country sold 800,000+ copies it's first week on the charts. No it's not Drake. Right now it's at 1.2 million. He's killing Drake! It's by a Hip Hop artist who has his own Sirius XM channel. An outlet that has become a haven for many Hip Hop artists because of its diverse playlist dedicated to expose hip hop fans to stuff they would never hear on terrestrial radio.

The first release "Not Afraid" by this rapper is played heavily on Rhythmic/Top 40 Hits radio, it's just that you won't find it at all on Hip Hop/R&B urban radio stations. Doesn't it have crossover appeal? We would say so.

Because corporate radio is run like your neighborhood Blockbuster Video Store. (Can you find one anymore?) The album "Recovery" from Marshall Mathers aka Eminem is not played on Hip Hop radio because he is White. "WE can't be put him into the Hip Hop CATEGORY, we have to keep him in the Rhythmic CATEGORY. God forbid our listeners start to drift over to the urban station we own. We have to keep our listeners on the station they are currently listening to. We don't want ratings to drop on our rhythmic/Top 40 hits station." It's not a matter of competition it's a matter of money. Corporate Radio, owns hundreds of stations across the country. Corporate radio gets more advertising dollars on rhythmic radio stations than they do on urban radio stations. It's quite simple. It's the bottom line.

The hot talk is always about 'Who sold the most Units' on Hip Hop/R&B stations from Hot 97 to V-103. That just doesn't seem to be so important anymore? How come nobody's got BEEF with Eminem? Not even Drake.

Unable to find a clean version of the song on YouTube, but you can listen here to the first release "Not Afraid". Eminem has to tell us in the song that it is a rap song! It's from the TOP SELLING ALBUM IN THE COUNTRY. Shhh!!! It's Hip Hop but don't tell anybody...

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  1. Well, V-103 has added "Not Afraid" in the past week. However, V-103 tends to break the trend of 'typical urban radio stations" since they did play Justin Bieber as well. However, CBS Radio Atlanta doesn't have a Rhythmic CHR in its cluster allows them to maneuver around certain tracks that would get spins on Rhythmic radio.


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