July 27, 2010

Roland Martin Addresses Shirley Sherrod Issue, Offers On Air Apology

Roland Martin issues an "I'm sorry" to Shirley Sherrod. By now we're sure Shirley knows Roland wants to reach out to her. She's not picking up the phone.

From RolandMartin.com: Roland Martin explains why he has not apologized to Shirley Sherrod this week. Roland explains that his decision is based on the values that he was raised with. Roland said, “If you hurt someone, or they feel injured, you go to them and not around them”. Roland said that is why he chose to first, reach out to her directly as opposed to making an indirect statement. He goes on to say that since Wednesday he has tried to contact Mrs. Sherrod via home phone as well as by cell phone nearly a dozen times. He has also sent text messages and understands that she is inundated with various requests.

Roland then says, “What I want her to know and anybody else, is what I previously stated and written. Did I make a snap judgment against her based upon the comments originally reported, yes. Was it wrong to do so, yes. And I clearly would have come to a far different conclusion had I seen the entire forty-five minute speech and for not doing that, am certainly sorry”. Roland continues by saying, “… I concur with her view that every single one of us should not allow someone’s skin color to determine how we treat them and work with them…”


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