July 26, 2010

Soul Singer Bilal Gives Women Advice, Maybe He Should Write A Book Like Steve Harvey

Check out Bilal Oliver's column - ”How to Decode A Brother When He’s Talking All That Jazz.” He is just as qualified as Steve Harvey to give advice to women on how to deal with their man. Besides is there any other song as cool as "Soul Sista."

Here's his answer to the first question he was asked...

1. He says he’s going to call and doesn’t …

Now I really don’t understand why anyone would do this but I guess it’s just to be cordial. I’ve never really taken someone’s number and not called. Men probably do it just to be nice or maybe it was a one-night stand and he wants to keep it cool. But if you meet a guy and he takes your number and doesn’t call you, he’s JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU!

11. He’s taking a weekend trip with the fellas …

Depends on his type of friends. If they look like macks, then you already know. If they look sweet, you already know. If you you’ve never met his friends, it’s either really his girlfriend or he’s probably trying to distance himself from you … Sounds like game. (lol)

Sounds like rather good advice... here's the rest of Bilal's answers, good stuff.

1 comment:

  1. I've seen Bilal in concert recently in London. The gig was just amazing. You can read a review here:


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