July 5, 2010

YouTube and iTunes Hacked on The 4th of July

Is there an opportunity here for terrestrial radio operators to hammer home the following point?

“Remember this day … Today is a reminder that we can still shake the foundation of the internet.”

In the spirit of revolution, two major websites were hacked into while infecting users with malware on their computers. YouTube was hacked into by the group Chan4. An unknown hacker compromised several accounts on iTunes.

Chan 4 responsible for the above quote, also posted the false story that singer Justin Bieber had died in a car crash a few weeks ago. It makes you wonder if any online content is safe. If you remember two years ago the hip hop sites allhiphop.com and sohh.com were shut down by hate group hackers.

Years ago the godfather of rap, Gil Scott-Heron said the revolution would not be televised, but the revolution would be live.

Maybe we can re-interpret this..., The revolution will not be televised, but will be on a LIVE update, hacked onto your computer or your mobile device.

Read more at BlackWeb2.0

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