August 19, 2010

D.L.Hughley is Done at 98.7 Kiss FM, Now What???

We have a solution!

The official word from WRKS 98.7 Kiss FM Program Director Jill Strada is this, "Mornings will remain local on Kiss FM with some familiar voices and a heavy dose of the music we're known for... stay tuned!"

OK, sounds like not much of a plan at all. Sounds like another comic host has caused a station to get caught with their pants down. "...Did a radio show because it sounded like a good idea at the time until something else came along..." "...Got canned from CNN, so let's do radio...", You know the drill.

We expect the former resident comedian Talent, to re-emerge on the morning show. He of course is a familiar voice. "Kiss" cannot however bring back former host Jeff Foxx, to take the place of the now departed D.L. Hughley. Foxx is now doing afternoons over at 107.5 WBLS. But as promised, we have a solution...

"Despite our best intentions, belief in their talent and even close friendships that have developed within our building... outside factors beyond our control have necessitated that we conclude the D.L. Hughley Morning Show on KISS FM," said Senior VP/Market Manager Alex Cameron. That factor is mainly money at the tune of $395,000 that Hughley is reportedly owed. He has also has jetted off to play a character named 'Skeet' in the new movie Hawaii Five-0.

Once again a non-radio person was hired to do the job that should go to a radio professional. But in a competitive market like New York, the allure of a "name" is too good to resist! For every unsuccessful attempt by a comic like D.L. to do a radio show, there's a successful story like Steve Harvey. For every failed attempt like Mo'Nique, there's success with a Michael Baisden. And so on...

Even Kiss FM experienced success in the 90's with a non-radio personality in singer and songwriter Isaac Hayes holding down the morning show. So the temptation is there for bringing in a big name, a little name, any kind of name to do a radio show and also keeping it local.

As we see it, (with tongue firmly planted in cheek), there is only one non-radio personality that Kiss FM should bring in. His qualifications are impeccable.

1. Absolutely No Radio Experience 2. His career is on a downward spiral after major success 3. Has an Oscar nomination and 4. He is a New York native.

Eddie Murphy. How about it?
It seems as if he has virtually become the character he portrayed in 'Dreamgirls'.

We're kidding of course, but we bet some PD, somewhere is thinking, that's not a bad idea. "Who needs somebody that can do radio?"

Actually, they're thinking Cedric the Entertainer. Shhh! Don't tell anyone.


  1. What a surprise. Again the genius powers in control screwed up! The fans spoke out about the firing of Jeff Foxx and ruining the Morning Show but no they had a better idea. Now look where they are! I guess the only good thing is that Talent will return but b be like the golden days of Jeff, Shaila, Bob and Talent.

  2. Oh! I know someone that's a good fit for 98.7 Kiss FM... Check out Randy Parker, Owner/General Manager at WNJR-NEWARK.COM

  3. I admit, I was not happy when I initially heard D.L. hosting the morning show, but things changed and I became a fan. It was funny, entertaining, and smart (most of the time).

    But I wonder, what would YOU would do if your employer owed you nearly $400,000 (in 1 yr.)? Continue to work for free? One report has him working for free for nearly a year, while another reports 6 mos. I don't know about you, I wouldn't do it. I've heard the comedian and no radio experience argument. What about the you labor and you are suppose to be compensated compensated for your labor argument?

  4. dont confuse the golden days with the emmis days at kiss fm, the golden days were ken webb and boby gales, late chuck leonard...hehe some people have selective memory or just weren't during kiss fm's hey day. Before the emmis co-opeted/corporate branded form of black radio...shhh I forgot we are supposed to call it urban so we don;t offend the advertisers u see?


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