August 11, 2010

Don't Look for Rickey Smiley in Philly Anytime Soon, Not with Imaging Like This

Radio One's popular morning host Rickey Smiley would seem to be a natural fit for a station without a major "big name" morning host. 100.3 The Beat (WPHI) has been without that "big name" since last November when Charlemagne left the station. We are not a fan of syndication generally, but Rickey Smiley and his cohorts put together an entertaining morning show including his alter ego "Miss Bernice Jenkins". So why not in Philly?

The Rickey Smiley Show has generated #1 ratings in several markets across the country and is right on the heels of the Frank and Wanda in the Morning Show in the 18-34 demo in the Atlanta market where they broadcast the show (WHTA - Hot 107.9). Since Charlamagne's departure, the station has gone with a more music intensive show with less emphasis on the on-air personalities who hold down the shift currently, Izzo and Sasha LaToy.

However it seems that 100.3 The Beat is bucking the trend of most music formatted radio stations. THEY ARE actually using sweepers to promote that listeners are tuning in to hear the DJ's, and not just the morning host.

The sweeper we heard sort of went like this: A female voice says, "I tune into 100.3 The Beat to the hear the DJ's I love, Michael Shawn, Kendra G., Poochman, and Izzo."

"WHAT??? Promoting local on-air personalities!"... Hmmm this is interesting indeed... Radio One is using morning syndication in every other market in the country, regardless of format, except at 100.3 The Beat. (On WPHI's sister stations; Tom Joyner is on 107.9 WRNB and Yolanda Adams is morning host at Praise 103.9) The Beat competes with Power 99's local morning show hosted by Miss Tarsha Jones aka "Jonesy."

Is this the beginning of a trend in urban radio, is it unique to the Philly market, or will The Rickey Smiley Morning Show eventually be added to the lineup at 100.3 The Beat?

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