August 2, 2010

The Gayle King Talk Show - Is She a Good Fit for Urban Talk Radio?

Gayle King, the Sirius XM satellite radio host has been recently added to the midday lineup two urban radio talk show
stations. Those stations are 900 AM WURD in Philadelphia and 1380 WAOK in Atlanta.

It may be a good financial move for both stations, with Gayle King being backed by Oprah Winfrey's star power.

However those listeners who like Gayle haven't taken the time to add comments in a recent AJC blog post. But those that aren't particularly thrilled with the changes in Atlanta have made their voice known.

What do you think? See comments

1 comment:

  1. I like Gayle in all but her talk show is very boring and so commercial like. 1380 was a breathe of fresh air from the commercialization. I liked the line up before with Lorraine Jaque White, Warren Ballentine, Al Sharpton, Derek Boseman. Gayle cut right into Warren B, wth???? I love listening to him, Gayle is just Blah.... you can tune into any show or radio show and hear the stuff Gayle talks about. Please put Warren B back on 1380 from 10-1 pleeease. Love you Gayle & Oprah but please dont use your power to suppress the voice of people like Warren, our community desperately needs to hear voices like his.


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