September 10, 2010

VIDEO: Public Enemy "Say It Like It Really Is"

Public Enemy's salute to soul, featured on the upcoming box set "BRING THE NOISE, HITS, VIDS, and DOC BOX: GREATEST SITES AND SOUNDS" (Chapter 2 1999-2009). More at

Never, ever thought Public Enemy would, we mean never, hear another song from them. It certainly is refreshing to have the Hip Hop pioneers back in the game with a relevant song that most definitely solidifies their place in the history of rap. It's interesting to think way back when Chuck D would rap that their music was too strong for daytime radio. Now not only is daytime radio not ready for Public Enemy, urban radio is not even built to play anything, unless it's saturated with materialistic, self-destructive and misogynistic lyrics.

There's no format for this Hip Hop. It's probably better anyway with the way music is delivered to public. It has changed so drastically over the history of Hip Hop. As Chuck says in the song: there are no records, tapes, and CD's or record stores anymore. With this release, maybe a whole new generation will discover Public Enemy via YouTube and downloads.

By the way Lesson 1:

The large thing with speakers is called a BOOM BOX. Word up.

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