October 26, 2010

Hip Hop Documentary "Check The Rhyme" Looks Like Radio Today

This feature-length documentary explores Hip-Hop's evolution and the struggle between artistic integrity vs. corporate greed. The film is set to be released in Spring 2011. Interviews with Chuck D, Ice-T, Big Daddy Kane, Doug E. Fresh, Black Rob, WRNB radio personality Lady B, the late Barry White and many more are featured.

The present state of Hip Hop mirrors the current status of urban radio. The industry just seems dead. Creative and bold ideas; thinking outside the box has disappeared not only in hip hop but in urban radio as well.

Blame it on corporate greed, media consolidation, or digital downloads (whatever the reason); we hope both make a comeback... not the way it was, but to evolve into something really new, different, and better. What would truly be a shame is for Hip Hop and urban radio to end up being thought of as the equivalent of Smooth Jazz in the mind of its listeners.

Anyone who knows anything about real Jazz knows Smooth Jazz is not really jazz at all. But there's a whole lot people out there who say they "listen to or like jazz" and are really just talking about smooth jazz. Just like folks think they are "hip-hop" or think radio is about which artist can get the most spins. For many that is their reality.

By the way that's Dizzy pictured at the top... and no he did not play smooth jazz, sell out, or compromise on his art.

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