November 1, 2010

Only Jack Can Say It

In the 1989 movie release of Batman, Jack Nicholson's portrayed the role of "The Joker." One of the best lines in the movie is from the following YouTube clip.

The same could definitely be said for the programming that goes on in radio and in particular urban radio. Thank God for Pandora and other Internet radio stations that are available online, (most notably WENN in Birmingham), listeners have an opportunity to listen to NEW music. Surely it's not available on urban radio or urban AC radio.

The best variety on urban radio generally occurs on Sunday on various stations across the country. Everything from Old School Hip Hop to R&B and Soul Dance music from the 60's, 70's, and 80's can be heard. In fact you get the most variety of Hip Hop, R&B, and Soul music during the week on urban talk radio stations when the hosts play music going into or coming out of the commercials breaks. However no matter how much formats are varied, there is just some music that have a decidedly urban flavor that never gets urban radio airplay. (Something is starting to stink)

The song below is just an example. You don't hear uptempo adult music on the radio simply because it doesn't fit on urban or urban ac radio. The ironic thing about this is that you can hear it on the radio! You may have to tune into your local public radio music station or to the edgy alternative rock station that occasionally plays Bob Marley to hear Cee-Lo Green's radio friendly clean version of his new song "Forget You."

Urban radio's inability to prevent an eroding listener base from being enticed to get their music from other places, be it the internet or satellite radio will be its downfall. The magic is gone out of radio. The thing that made many want to be on the radio is gone. That thing is discovering a hot new song on the radio and communicating that to listeners. It surely isn't Jay-Z dissing MC Hammer or Nicki Minaj dissing Lil' Kim. Come on.

Kids dominate urban radio listening. While radio is banking on the fact that there seems to be a continuous supply of young urban consumers (except in Pittsburgh and Boston) whose ears will find their way to radio, nothing is on the other side to sustain their listening habits when they become adults, not the way urban or urban ac radio is currently constructed. (Time to go somewhere, sit down and hold your nose)

The other thing that could bring urban radio back is to develop local personalities, but at this point that seems like a lost cause. We're still waiting to hear the next jock under 35 that can really handle an on air live interview and take calls from listeners on urban hip hop radio. ... still waiting... Yes Jack you're right there needs to be an enema given right away.

Warning - This song is not clean, it's always a dirty job when you're cleaning up some mess.

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