November 22, 2010

The NPR Fresh Air Interview with Jay-Z and the book ‘Decoded’

Jay-Z has been making media appearances to support the release of his new book "Decoded."

One of those visits had Jay-Z opening up about the topics discussed in the book on NPR's 'Fresh Air.'

This radio interview lends itself to an in-depth and insightful exchange between himself and host Terry Gross. A different and comfortable side of Jay-Z is revealed which is something that rarely happens on commercial radio or television interviews.

Jay-Z gives his take on hip hop lyrics and how he developed his rap style. He also talks about his background coming out of Marcy Houses in Brooklyn, his experience selling crack and eventual rise to fame as a rapper.

Click on the link to listen to the almost hour long interview with Terry Gross on the NPR program "Fresh Air."

More info on the interview from the 'Fresh Air' home page.

Among the questions asked by Gross were the interesting stories behind the songs "Hard Knock Life" and "99 Problems" along with Jay-Z's response to the origins of 'IZZO' and 'Hova'.

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