December 7, 2010

Bill Maher and Others in the Media Go After President Obama for acting like George W. Bush

This is the lead and image that many news outlets around the U.S. are going with in response to the deal that President Obama struck with Republicans to extend the Bush Era Tax Cuts.

President Barack Obama testily defended his willingness to choose compromise over combat with Republicans on Tuesday, lecturing fellow Democrats not to be "sanctimonious" purists.
The tax deal angered many Democrats as well as political commentators on cable news outlets and comedian Bill Maher @billmaher who tweeted on Twitter: Ok I'm starting to scream at Obama on tv the way I used to with Bush - not a good sign

The following videos come from Eliot Spitzer, the former and disgraced governor of New York, who used taxpaper money to pay for high priced prostitutes (for some reason he was handed a talk show on CNN) and Bill Maher, the comedian who was romantically involved with Karrine Steffans, the notorious Video Vixen known as "Supahead." Hmmm... as Ed Lover would say "C'mon Son!" to them and the President as well.

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