December 8, 2010

VIDEO: A Slice of Runaway from Kanye West

"Monster" featuring Jay-Z and Nicki Minaj is the lead track that is currently getting airplay on urban radio from Kanye West's new album "My Dark Twisted Fantasy."

It's a nice track for commercial radio to play but it didn't seem to warrant or give any indication of the praise the album was getting from music critics across the globe. So we thought 'there has to be more there than just "Monster", right?'

Some Hip Hop stations across the country are starting to pick up on the track "Runaway" from Kanye's self-directed video musical. So we gave this track a real listen. Several times.

We're still trying to figure out the concept of "Runaway" within the dark twisted mind of Kanye, but it's definitely intriguing and funny. (Do you know your girlfriend's a bird? I didn't notice that.) Of course it represents a rebirth of sort from his own personal crash and burn. Self absorbed and arrogant? Yes. Weird, strange, and eerie? Yes. But it's catchy, engrossing and haunting all at the same time while showing off the genius of Kanye West.

When the album was first released Russell Simmons wrote a glowingly and enthusiastic open letter to Kanye praising him about the passion he put into the album. Russell even felt that his own efforts in the 1980's to get radio stations to play Hip Hop had finally paid off with Kanye's album. "The culture of Hip Hop" Simmons proclaimed, "...has been elevated!

At the time of the album release we didn't get the hype. After listening to this track we are now starting to get it.

Video below is edited down from it's original 34 minute length. It begins at the starting point of the track 'Runaway."

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