January 11, 2011

The Game is on BET tonight and No We Don't Think Black People Run Twitter #blackpeopleruntwitter #TheGame ...Here's Why

Despite the fact that the premiere on BET of the previously cancelled but now resurrected sitcom "The Game" and its stars of the show will be a trending topic on Twitter and "Twitter Beef" seems to be the way to go for entertainers to get their message out to public...and even though all signs point to the fact that topics from people that are categorized as Black and make up only 12% of the population in the United States will dominate Twitter...A couple of comments on the Black Web 2.0 Blog on the topic makes a whole lot of sense and tells a far different story.

"...[A whole lot of] Black people [are] wasting time following nonsense like Raz-B/Chris Brown"

"It's like being proud that we dominate the conversation on Jerry Springer show. It's an ego boost full of hot air. If the conversations were intellectual or culturally driven I would say hooray, but most of it is mindless BS..."

"I think there is a false assumption in this article that trending topics define twitter's use. --small example: 1000 people use twitter, 100 of them use the same hashtag and talk about the same subject (becomes trending topic) the other 900 talk about something completely different, although the trending topics may show what the 100 are talking about, they are only 10% of the entire twitter population. Does 10% constitute a majority? Trending topics only show what similarities are being broadcast. A majority of black folk talking about the same thing hardly constitute a measurement of that influence. It may, as previous commenters have noted, reinforce our monolithic stereotype."

These comments are in response to the blog post on Black Web 2.0 "Opinion:
Do Black People Run Twitter? "

What do you think?

We think no one runs Twitter except for the owners of Twitter.

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