January 4, 2011

Homeless Ted Williams Becomes Viral Video Star and Lands Radio Gig

Ted Williams isn't famous – yet. A viral video rocketing through cyberspace, however, could soon catapult the homeless panhandler from just a face in the crowd to the next big thing. Williams solicits money by the side of Interstate 71 in Columbus, Ohio with a sign advertising his "god given gift" of an amazing speaking voice. His slogan caught the attention of a reporter for the Columbus Dispatch, who interviewed Williams and posted the inspiring clip online.

Williams has been hoping someone will help him through his hard times with a job offer – and it looks like that dream may come true. Hosts of the radio morning show
"Dave & Jimmy" talked about Williams on air Tuesday,(1/4) prompting a listener to call in and offer $15,000 to have the show hire Williams, according to Reddit. "Dave & Jimmy" were even able to track Williams down, and will interview him on their show on Wednesday.(1/5/11) "We're going to find some way to help this guy!" (Full story at NY Daily News)

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