January 26, 2011

Tom Joyner and the TJMS Return to NYC on 98.7 Kiss FM WRKS

The Tom Joyner Morning Show is returning to the New York City airwaves starting February 7th, on Urban AC station 98.7 Kiss FM. The TJMS was previously heard on Kiss from 2001- 2003. Long-time morning newsman Bob Slade will remain as local news anchor. The TJMS replaces nothing ...since the departure of D.L. Hughley (last August) and co-host Jacque Reid (a few weeks ago).

Our post on the morning show shakeup at Kiss almost 2 years ago when the beloved Jeff Foxx was fired is still generating comments from listeners. The Wake Up Club was eventually disposed of and turned over to the reigns of Hughley. The last two comments (114 at last count) are getting totally out of hand. "Bring back George Wallace!" Really. What would his momma think? Also you can't attack veteran New York radio personality "Bugsy" (Fred Buggs)! (lol) He's a legend in the Tri-State area and had been filling in on Kiss in the mornings from his night shift at the station and his work over at Sirius Satellite Radio.

It's obvious listeners were dissatisfied with what they were hearing on Kiss the last two years. Will the former listeners of Jeff Foxx and the Wake Up Club welcome Joyner in the morning? Is the once seemingly invincible Steve Harvey now vulnerable?

We can recall a debate that Roland Martin @rolandsmartin was having on Twitter not too long ago. One of his followers was saying that the TJMS didn't matter and had limited power with issues dealing with the African American community nationally, because it was not on the air in New York City. Well that's not the case anymore.

We're sure listeners are concerned that both Urban AC stations in New York have syndicated morning shows. Harvey, who started out his Premiere Network show at 107.5 WBLS, now syndicates from Atlanta and Joyner from Dallas.

Alex Cameron, Emmis Communications’ SVP, Market Manager, says, “2011 marks 30 years for KISS FM as a dominant and trusted voice reflecting the tri-state’s African American adult community. In celebrating that, we are happy to welcome Tom Joyner to KISS FM with a show that shares the values of family and community. Our program director, Jill Strada, will have the ability to work directly with Tom and The Morning Show staff to collaborate on locality and music that directly affects and influences the KISS audience."


  1. The Tom Joyner show didnt work before, what makes you think it will work this time. New Yorkers like to hear a local show with people who are familiar with the things we are familiar with. The whole thing is assinine and idiotic because KISS had a winning formula and they screwed it up. I haven't listed since they made the change and my mornings have never been the same.

  2. I agree. Both Tom Joyner and Steve Harvey don't have any appeal to the tri-state market. Local DJs that discuss local issues is what we want to hear. Morning radio in New York sucks! I listen to my club/house CDs or plug in my iPod to avoid having to listen to boring crap on the radio.


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